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The Great Tasting menu (unavailable for 2022)

Our chefs offer you a gastronomical menu, which reflects the unique flavours of the Charlevoix region: a handsome, delicate and rich meal worthy of our beautiful region and of our inn.
Bon appétit!

  • 89$

  • 39$ supplement for package including the five-courses dinner


Prelude first part

Sliced of seared duck foie gras, Vergers pednault Mistelle & caramelized pear

Prelude second part

Selection of our smoked products and their condiments

From the kitchen kettle

Raspeberries Gaspazo and cedar sorbet

Class of spirits

I fell into apples

The Inn's Signature

Stuffed shoulder and rack of Ferme St-Canut suckling pig, peppery apple juice sauce

If your appetite is ready...

Fine cheese duet from Baie St-Paul and a small salad

To finish in beauty

A two chocolate fondant