Our breakfast menu

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Healthy Breakfast
Poched egg(s) or boiled egg(s), english muffin, cottage or cheese-cream, summer style yogurt, oatmeals
The innkeeper
1 or 2 eggs, bacon, sausages or ham, tomatoes, spicy fried potatoes, buttered toasts
Marlène’s Breakfast
French crêpes with homemade mapple butter
Omelette of the day, spicy fried potatoes, buttered toasts
2 poached eggs served with ham on English muffins with Dutch sauce, spicy fried potatoes
Two eggs on a bagel covered with bacon & a gratin of St-Fidèle cheese, spicy fried potatoes
Brunch Breakfast
2 eggs with bacon, sausages  ham, Canada pork dish, beans,  tomatoes, St-Fidèle  cheese, buttered toasts,  spicy fried potatoes (+3.00$)
Fruits Mountain
French crêpes covered with a mountain of wildberries, pure maple sirup, english cream (+3.00$)
Omelette de Charlevoix
Omelette with Migneron de Baie St-Paul & smoked salmon from our smoke house,spicy’s fried potatoes, butteres toasts (+3.00$)


Including acces to our buffet, coffee, tea and juice

Taxes & tips are automatically added